About “Mr. Graham”

For the record, Mr. Graham is my dad…

Summer of 2019 in Yosemite

Hi! I’m Mitchell Graham, a 5th Grade Teacher in Salem, Oregon. I’ve been teaching for 5 years, married for 5 years, and dad for 6 months! 

In my professional life, I’ve taught at the same amazing school for my entire career. As the son of two teachers, I had a predisposition to education from an early age – mostly because I experienced what summers were like with teachers as parents! 

After graduating from a small school in Roseburg, Oregon, I completed my undergrad at Corban University, while playing soccer, tutoring some students, and running a Science Club at a local school on the side. 

Soon after completing my degree, I was hired for my first “big boy” teaching role. I loved it, struggled a bit, and learned a lot all throughout; I tell people my “goal” was just to want to teach the following year. So far that goal has helped me come back each year! 

One year after graduating from Corban, I started and completed my Master’s from Western Governors University. I completed their “Learning and Technology” degree in 6 months, with a lot of help and support from my wife. Motivation of traveling in Europe without homework also played a role… 

At my school, I’m on an awesome 5th Grade team with three other teachers. I help design multiple-subject curriculum (worksheets, presentations, lessons, etc.), run the annual Science Fair, and head the Staff vs. 5th Graders sports events (my favorite part of 5th grade, hands down).

In addition to teaching at my school, I was employed by my district to design and develop visually appealing online lessons for Literacy across three grade levels (3rd-5th). More recently, I worked on a team that specialized in creating educational Math videos and lessons for the distance learning we all have experienced. 

Hopefully, if you’re willing to walk this journey with me, I can help share what I’ve learned, as well as easy, simple Google tricks for teachers who are either stuck with starting, or are looking for some tips to make their classrooms and participation a little better. 

I’ve spent 5 years (and counting, hopefully) teaching myself most of these skills and habits. The goal of this work is to provide emerging teachers some helpful organizational resources and quick tricks and routines that will yield immediate results – avoiding the grind of 5 years of guess-and-check!

yay for learning and technology!

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